Is Your Truck’s 4WD Out Of Commission? What Are Your Options?

11 March 2017
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Many four wheel drive (4WD) truck owners utilize this feature on a regular basis to give themselves the extra boost needed to get out of a snowy driveway, a muddy bog, or even just maintain traction on a rain-soaked highway. In other cases, you may only utilize your 4WD a few times a year during especially inclement weather. In either event, having the power to your front axle suddenly stop working can be a frustrating and worrisome experience, and those who use 4WD often may already be seeking repair quotes. Read More 

Signs Of Transmission Problems

7 March 2017
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Transmission trouble can't be ignored, and repairs can't be put off. Not only does a broken down transmission often leave your car immobile, trying to ignore an issue when it first starts can lead to an even more expensive repair later. The following are signs that your transmission needs to be serviced sooner rather than later. Sign #1: Fluid leaks Puddles under your car should always raise alarms, particularly if they appear beneath the engine compartment. Read More 

Used Peterbilt Trucks For Sale Just As Rough And Tough As New

21 February 2014
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When people think of work trucks and heavy duty trucks, there are only two brands that immediately come to mind. The ones that people use in an expression of speech that's synonymous with actually being hit by one and Peterbilt trucks. Over time these trucks do their jobs and work hard. When the owners no longer need them or do not want them, they sell them. But the one thing that continues to stand out with most heavy duty trucks is that used Peterbilt trucks for sale are still every bit as good, strong and functional as brand new ones. Read More