Used Peterbilt Trucks For Sale Just As Rough And Tough As New

21 February 2014
 Categories: Automotive, Articles

When people think of work trucks and heavy duty trucks, there are only two brands that immediately come to mind. The ones that people use in an expression of speech that's synonymous with actually being hit by one and Peterbilt trucks. Over time these trucks do their jobs and work hard. When the owners no longer need them or do not want them, they sell them. But the one thing that continues to stand out with most heavy duty trucks is that used Peterbilt trucks for sale are still every bit as good, strong and functional as brand new ones. Every model and body style of Peterbilt trucks ever made can still be found on the open market. Used or new or anywhere in between, these trucks are designed and built to withstand the ravages of time, and finding used Peterbilt trucks on a dealer's lot speaks to their longevity. For businesses that are just starting out or businesses that need a bigger fleet but don't want the new truck cost, used Peterbilt trucks are just the ticket. This company doesn't build just dump trucks or heavy haulers either. The semi tractors and trailers in the company's production line up have been purchased and used for decades by shipping companies as well as private freelance drivers. There are more than a dozen current models offering drivers and fleet owners the most basic cabs to very posh and comfortable sleeper cabs. Brand new trucks cost hundreds of thousands, but used trucks can be found and purchased for a fraction of that price. Medium duty trucks with fused axles are one of the company's newer additions. These trucks arrive with no paint or labeling on the sides, leaving them completely customizable. The used versions might need new paint jobs and body detailing for the business owner that buys them, but the all metal truck bed and box storage makes it easy to change business names and advertising quickly. They can be used for everything, including moving trucks and shipping in regional or local areas. Of course, the Peterbilt trucks the company is most well-known for and for which most construction contractors are chomping at the bit to acquire are the dump trucks and the heavy load hauler trucks. They rarely come onto the used truck market and when they do they are quickly snatched up by construction companies who have been waiting a long time to get their hands on them at a price their companies can afford. Construction companies can save tens of thousands of dollars over the MSRP of new Peterbilt construction trucks, which in turn greatly affects how many trucks they can buy at one time. The competition sells almost as many, if not an equal amount, of their trucks in comparison with Peterbilt. Both are excellently built truck lines, but the competition will still cost more per used truck than Peterbilt will. The high quality of these trucks combined with lower prices on the used models means that buyers can get everything they want out of a truck for their business without going broke. In addition to that, the used trucks are almost always certified used, which means they have passed a twenty-one point inspection and may still have a limited warranty on parts or the lifetime warranty that the company often offers on the sale of their new trucks. Because the used models are in such high demand, they are gone just as quickly as they enter a sale lot. Buyers will want to contact a seller right away and not wait more than a single business day to purchase them. Buyers will also want to make contact to let dealerships know exactly what they are looking for and what they are willing to pay so that dealers can find the trucks buyers want as they become available. Go to website to find out more.